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Hi fellow funnel hacker.

I will go directly to the point. 

What about having your complete funnel copy at  almost no cost.

that includes facebook ads, landing page, and  also relation-building and offer  emails

Just to be clear, that does not include building it (although I can do it), but let focus on the copy.

If you are still with me here is the deal.

Next week I will be attending an online workshop where we will be building a complete funnel,  from ad to email.

This will be a 5 week  workshop and the best part is that we are going to work developing  thematic arcs (more on why this is so important below)

Thing is that while I was cheching the workshop schedule I had an epiphany…

“Why not building a funnel for somebody else.?”

At that´s why I decided to offer this to people like you.

At this point you are probably asking two questions

first,  why should I listen to him?

I get it,

Allow me to briefly introduce myself .

My name is Raul, I’m 52. for 30+ years I´’ve worked as a software architech, 8+ years in marketing experience as a freelancer and I’´m also a book author (more than 5 books).

I’m a growth marketer certified professional from CXL Instite and also a Hubspot inbound certified. If you wish you can ckeck my linkedin profile here

Now, regarding my experience I have worked for businesses like SaaS companies, Software Consuting companies, ride-sharing startups, Phisioterapists, HVAC companies, online tutoring, e-learning and even other marketing agencies.

your second questions was probably related to the workshopt itself.

Who are the guys behind the workshop?

Well, they are Andre Chaperon and Shawn Twing. 

These guys are simple of the best copywriters I know.

But what´s more important they are really  good at getting high convertions.

The reasons they get those results is for two reasons:

1. they are sysmtem thinkers, which means they see marketing and business as a system where you have to take an holistic approach and stop treating components of the funnel individually. in this scenario your ad copy will impact the quality of traffic you get in your landing page and so on, but it will impact your costs. x

2. The temathic arc.  If you remember I was going to explain why this is important.

besides that,  they have created a framework for creating a funnel and that´s the core of the workshop,

I have learned so many important insights and super concepts from them like the flywheel, system thinking and a more ethic way to see marketing among many things

Andre is know as one of the top affiliate marketers able to squeeze up to 70% of convertion from smaller lists than many others, Swawn is a bad ass in facebook advertising. and together they are like rock stars.

I really feel blessed to have met them. 

Honestly, their approach is game changer. simple as that.

I really think in this workshop is not the funnel copy the most important part.

As part of the workshop we will developing an thematic arc

If getting the copy for your funnel (ads, landing page and emails) is something you need help with

I think you can finnaly launch your funnel in the next weeks. 

Here is how.

As you know your marketing funnel is not just a landing page (in some cases more than one), you also need a compeling ad copy that attracks your best possible prospect, and an email series that 

Are you looking to craft your first funnel or give the existing one an uplift? 

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